Releases: Liferay Portal 6.1 GA2, Social Office 2.0 & Marketplace

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The Liferay offer is evolving Let’s focus on the latest releases from the publisher and their new “marketplace”.

At the start of August, Liferay gave us multiple outputs:

  • Liferay Portal 6.1 Community Edition GA2
  • Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition GA2
  • Liferay Social Office 2.0 Community Edition
  • Liferay Social Office 2.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Marketplace

Liferay Portal 6.1 GA2

In addition to the traditional patches, this minor release provides among other things:

  • Support for the new Liferay Marketplace
  • Danish language suppor
  • A new home page and a new theme to replace ‘SevenCogs’
  • The Portal Access Control List feature when executed allows for verification of resources accessed by the plugins related to this
  • Visual enhancements in the management of JSON Web Services
  • Support for:
    • HTML 5 Audio,
    • Vaadin 6.7.4,
    • Tomcat 7.0.27,
    • GlassFish 3.1.2,
    • JBoss 7.1.1,
    • JOnAS 5.2.3,
    • Jetty 7.6.3,
    • Resin 4.0.27
    • Hibernate 3.6.10,
    • and Spring 3.0.7

For more details, click on the links in the announcement on the  officiel blog.

Social Office 2.0

This version of Social Office, the collaborative application which can be installed in the form of plugins for Liferay Portal, comes with a large number of new features:

  • Integration with the Liferay Dockbar: links to the usual functions and notifications area
  • Profile: the profile page, which presents all the information relating to one user to all the others, has been completely revamped
  • Dashboard: the dashboard shows the user a set of relevant information such as their tasks and events, their status updates, and their activities. It also allows you to manage contacts and private messages.
  • Contact Center: this key improvement enables the user to manage and organise their contacts very easily. It is possible to add contacts as connections or just follow their activities, send them private messages, or even block them
  • Events Center : integrated with the Liferay calendar, this view presents a summary view of upcoming events.
  • Followers & Connections: possibility to connect two users via a two-way relationship or just follow users through the Activity Stream.
  • Activity Stream: integrated feed with all facets of Social Office, and filtering options for a customised display.
  • Microblogging: a twitter-like process allowing you to send messages to a subset of contacts or to an entire site.
  • Hashtags and Mentions with autocompletion: the microblogging function allows the use of #hashtags and @mentions to be sent to other users (in order to provide a direct link to their profile page). The drafting of an @mention is assisted by autocompletion
  • Private Messaging:  internal messaging with management of attachments and the possibility of including several people in the private conversation.
  • Notifications: notifications integrated into the dockbar.
  • Site Management: organisation of virtual workspaces, based on site templates
  • Task Management: comprehensive system for managing tasks, allowing you to monitor tasks and their completion. The tasks can be filtered by tag or by site, and have attributes such as the due date, the assignment, and the rate of completion
  • Fluid page layout: thanks to a new flexible theme, it is possible to toggle between a page layout with fixed width and a page layout which can be adapted to the width of the scree.
  • Integration with Liferay Portal: Social Office relies on the portal’s own components, which can be used on collaborative sites (typically management of documents, blog, wiki, forum and chat).
  • Integration with Liferay Sync: Liferay Sync transforms the Liferay platform for file-sharing. Combined with Social Office, it allows teams to access the documents on collaborative sites from desktop and mobile platforms, whether online or offline. It should be noted that in the community version, the use of Liferay Sync is limited to a single site: it is necessary to go to the Enterprise version to synchronise multiple sites.

For more details, click on the links in the announcement on the officiel blog.


With the same model as the Apple AppStore or the Goggle Play Store, Liferay offers a space for publishing and hosting plugins for its portal, integrated into the product itself and featuring a payment system.

At the moment, only the plugins published by Liferay are available on the marketplace, but adding plugins will soon be open to third parties (companies or individuals).
For more details, check the dedicated page on the official site

SQLI is a Liferay Gold partner and offers a full range of services for Liferay products.

the 27 August 2012

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